iCarScan OBD + Car Specific SW for 10 brands of your choice for iPhone iPad & android

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Super new at iCarScan from Launch for iPhone, iPad & android.

True Car-Specific Launch scans for all types of car brands. Professional diagnosis solution for users of iOs and Android.

Choose up to 10 different car brands of your choice with genuine Launch Pro software.

Get started lightly. Scan the QR code download software, create user, select the desired car brand(s) and you are in progress.

Unlike other DIY (Hobby) Machines, the system is based on the very large professional software from LAUNCH’s well-known professional X431 series, so there’s plenty of power in the software here.

You select 10 tags when installing at your choice

See Supported Tags & Systems See Reset Shortcuts Features Download Android app (apk) Download app for iOS (appeal)

Price: £299.99

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Select 10 car brands you want to work with via delicious Launch Pro software.

  • Read and delete errors (error descriptions appear in both text and code)
  • Performs component tests such as on-and-off relays, pumps and other electronically controlled devices in the car
  • You can see live data from the car components, sensors, such as temperature, pressure, status, etc.
  • Doing scan of all components and get report on car condition
  • Lots of special functions for resetting service alarms, open/closing parking brakes, nozzle coding, coding and regeneration of diesel particulate filter, etc.
  • Code and programming features.

Watch tests on iPad & BMW here:

Comes with the following:

  • iCarScan interface for iOS and Android in case
  • Envelope with registration code and SN for registering SW
  • Pro Launch Software with the option of selecting 10 different car brands of your choice

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