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The Automotive oscilloscope helps to quickly locate and evaluate the faults in automotive electronic devices and wiring.

O2-1 Scopebox can not only capture the circuit signal quickly, but also slowly display the waveform to be observed and analyzed.

It can record and store the tested signal waveform, which makes the failure analysis very convenient.


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The Scopebox can be used with two apps on LAUNCH X-431 EURO TAB2: Scopebox and Ignition Scope.


  • 23 automatic measurements: 23 kinds of automatic measurements are displayed on one screen, which are clear at a glance, and can be selected by tapping. It supports one-key clearing, which eliminates the tediousness of repeatedly turning pages and searching, and makes automatic measurement easy and convenient.
  • Powerful trigger function: Support edge, pulse width and other triggers. Intuitive trigger settings and quick trigger source switching make the most difficult part of oscilloscope application extremely easy.
  • High storage depth: With a storage depth of up to 50M, together with zoom technology, both the overall picture and the details can be fully displayed; the upper area can be browsed globally, and the lower area can be searched for details, so that the debugging speed is more than doubled
  • Special quick store function: The waveform can be quickly saved with one key, and ordinary oscilloscopes need 3 to 5 steps to achieve this step, which can save more than 70% of time.
  • Convenient cursor operation: Turn on the horizontal and vertical cursors with one key respectively. Each cursor can be dragged independently, and cursor tracking can also be realized directly by simple highlight touch, and the overall efficiency is increased by more than 80%.
  • Virtual keyboard input: When inputting names and characters, ordinary desktop oscilloscopes can only use the knob to “difficultly” rotate one by one to select input, while this scopebox can click on the soft keyboard to input, which improves efficiency by more than 90%.
  • Customize and load system settings: A variety of preferred system settings can be set and saved as configuration files. Later, you can directly load the configuration file for viewing according to personal preferences, without repeated settings.
  • Waveform recording and playback: The waveform can be recorded and saved, and then it can be directly recalled as a reference channel waveform for display.
  • Support waveform math operations: It supports the calculation of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of two channel waveforms, and also supports FFT(Fast Fourier Transform).
  • Support multiple automotive tests: such as circuits, sensors, actuators, ignition tests, communication tests and combination tests. Various parameters are preset and specific connection methods are provided for each test.

Comes in a suitcase with lots of accessories:
1 x 4 Channel storage oscilloscope.
2 x HT201 Attenuator
1 x Double Clamp Power line
1 x Secondary Ignition Pickup
4 x HT30 BNC Test Leads
1 x Needle set
1 x USB Cable A-B (connects to Euro Tab)
2 x Multimeter Probe Black
2 x Multimeter Probe Red
2 x Crocodile Chuck Black
2 x Crocodile Chuck Red
1 x Manual / spec for 02-1 Oscilloscope