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X-PROG 3 car immobilizer programmer is a powerful anti-theft solution and an ideal choice for professional repair shops and vehicle maintenance businesses.

Integrated multi-function module, one device with multiple functions for fast and accurate reading and writing of data.

Powerful functions, supporting Mercedes-Benz infrared key reading/writing, BMW engine ISN code reading, engine reading in BENCH mode, etc.

X-PROG 3 is flexible, stable, reliable, and suitable for professional users.

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Supported brands: VW, Audi, Skoda, SEAT, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, and more models continue to be updated…

Supported systems: Engine system, automatic transmission, instrument system, CAS, body system, lock system, etc.

It supports common mainstream ECU MCU manufacturers, with more than 1,000 product models, and they are continuously being updated.

Technical Parameters

Interface: DB26, DB15
Input voltage: DC12V
Input current: 500mA
Working temperature: 0-50℃
Storage temperature: -20-70℃
Dimension: 39 x 107 x 298 mm

Function & Advantages

  • Read/write EEPROM
  • Read/write keys
  • Read/write MCU
  • Read BMW engine ISN code
  • Mercedes-Benz keys
  • Read/write BMW CAS4+ and FEM chips
  • Key simulator
  • Read/write Audi fifth-generation steering column chips
  • VW Fourth-generation Dump Mode All Keys Lost
  • Read OBD MED17 engine
  • Read engine in BENCH mode
  • Replace VW fourth-generation UDS engine
  • Read engine in Boot mode
  • Replace VW MQB engine, gearbox, steering column lock
  • VW Fourth-generation Enumeration All Keys Lost
  • Read/write Mercedes-Benz engine and gearbox data
  • Read gearbox data