OBDLink LX Bluetooth Original for PC and Android, developed in the US

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Super smart price basque from Scantool for reading and offloading OBD error codes as well as live data from

Budget version of Obdlink where you get a lot for your money.


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News! presents Super smart price basque OBD scanner designed for lightning-fast readout of error codes and data via Mobile Apps like Torque

Note this is the new and original Obdlink LX with newly developed STN1110 Processor, not to be confused with the many Chinese copies based Elm327.

Main features

  • Up to 4x faster than its nearest competitor – LX runs Apps up to 250 faster and PC software up to 400. Quick screen updates and more detailed graphs are experienced.
  • Small diemention – Do not generate the front knee when it is permanently mounted in the OBD connector.
  • Hacker Safe – Super technique eliminates risk of unwanted access.
  • Battery Save Technology – LX’s super smart sleep feature prevents the car’s battery from being drained by permanent assembly.
  • Read and Delete Error and Turn Off the Yellow “Check Engine” lamp – Export diagnosis error codes yourself ,and perform repairs based on the exported error description.
  • Works on PCs, Smart Phones, and Tablets –Turn your Laptop, Netbook, Android, or Symbian device into a detailed diagnosis tool. Note: Does not work with Apple products..
  • Works on a wide range of Cars – OBDLink LX’s advanced technology lets you scan all modern cars regardless of brand Gasoline models from 2001 until today and for diesel cars from 2003 until today.
  • Free diagnosis software – OBDwiz license for Windows included FOR FREE (Value 400kr)
  • Super Comlability – Works with more applications than any other OBD adaptor.

Supported Devices, Software & Apps

  • Bluetooth enabled Windows PCs, Laptops, Netbooks (Windows 2000 & later)
  • Recommended Software:
    • OBDwiz (Included Free when purchasing OBDLink LX )
  • Symbian Smart Phones (Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony-Ericsson)
  • Recommended App:
  • Nokia N800 & 810 Internet tablets
  • Recommended App:
  • PalmOS & Pocket PC phones & PDAs
  • RecommendedApp:

Supported protectors

Legislated OBD protocols:

  • ISO15765-4 (CAN)
  • ISO14230-4
  • ISO9141-2 (Asian, European, Chrysler vehicles)
  • J1850 VPW (GM vehicles)
  • J1850 PWM (Ford vehicles)

Exclusive OBDLink Features

  • Extended Command set – Allows OBDLink LX to perform enhanced diagnostics that are not possible with ELM327-based scan tools. 100 compatible with the legendary ELM327 command set.
  • Updateable firmware – Free updates for new features and keeps your adaptor up-to-date.
  • Battery saves™ – Obdlink LX enables automatic matteri save mode.
  • Advanced multi-protocol auto-detekt algorithm – OBDLink LX scans more OBD systems than any adaptor on the market.
  • Smart keep-alive algorithm – Ensures stable connection with the older ISO and KWP systems (typically cars from before 2005)
  • Large CANBUS memory buffer – STN1110 chip architecture allows OBDLink MX to handle larger amounts of data without errors compared to the older ELM327-based adaptors.


  • Weight 33 g.
  • System spønding: 8-18V DC
  • Temp-20º to 55º C

The package includes:

  • OBDLink LX Scan Tool Interface
  • COBDwiz as a download
  • Installation Guide on Tap

If you are looking at this item, also check out obdlink MX+ which is the newest and fastest model in the OBDlink Series which also works for iOS and supports the latest protocols for SW CAN (Single Wire Opel) & MS CAN (medium speed ford) used by Ford and Opel