Scanmaster program for ObdLink &Elm327 interfaces English language

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Program intended for all Obdlink SX MX LX as well as the aging Elm 327 &323 interface types now in brand new version 6.0 in English


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Latest version of scanmaster
Scanmaster from Nic-Tec is a good program that can be used for troubleshooting and optimizing all modern cars, the software is continuously developed in Germany by VG-Soft and translated into Danish by Nic-Tec in honor of our Danish customers.
Note this is the Full version which fits all interface of type ELM327 &323 we highly recommend OBDLink from the USA when buying as they use orignal chips in the latest version.
*The program contains 9000 error codes both standard and tag specific. (extended races)
*Possibility of testing the lambda probe..
*Mulghed for data logging with export to text file.
*Auto connect function
*Special module for Opel from 1996
*Free updates and support
*NEW in version 6.0 Brand new user flat in delicious windows 10 design as well as online registration of license for simpler installation,
*NEW in version 2.1 Several delicious instruments table screens added these are also prepared for new touch screen PCs software optimized for the latest generation OBD systems.
*NEW in version 2.0 Much improved driver support Now genuine usb no virtual comport, support for bluetooth interfaces, brand new report generation section as well as much much more see the full list on the nic-tec support forum
*NEW in version 1.9 True dyno meter for “roller field measurement of horsepower and torque” the car’s data entered simply into the relevant columns and then the scanmaster does the work .low eg. a test and save it then you can always check if your car is on the “top”
*NEW in version 1.8 Now also with acceleration test determine if you want to test your car from 0-60 0-100 or 160 km/h and get the exact time for your car fun to have (or depressing) can obviously also be used to test whether the car is as it should be.
*NEW in version 1.8 Has just finished translating the program into Danish so that it will now be possible to choose Danish as a user language. This is a feature that several have requested those who have already purchased the license will shortly be sent a download link for upgrade to latest version for free of course.
*Note this is the full version of the program which works for allelm327+323 no matter where they are purchased.

The new version is now ready for download are you Nic-tec customer please go to this page:

Did you know that Scanmaster and Obdlink SX (replacing the now obsolete Elm327) from Nic-Tec are now used for the development of new party filters at Haldor Topsøe A/S As well as DTU?

NOTE. You will receive a uniquely manufactured personal license for your scanmaster program in your name, due to this we unfortunately do not have the opportunity to take these back.

NOTE: Scanmaster from Nic-Tec supports many older Alfa Romeo ECU (engine controls) which do not contain EOBD system here simply select the special feature for “Alfa” on the home page the same makes itself the debt for “Opel” thereby most models of these brands can be tested all the way back to about 1995 see complete list of these features below.

For Chinese copy / Clone ELM327 comes license with so-called “Call back code” can only be installed on 1 PC.
For orignal ElmScan 5 from the USA, license is provided which is locked to the interface and can be used on unlimited number of PCs.
For the same reason, we recommend investing in Original ObdLink interfaces only on new purchases.