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The Abrites VIN reader is an outstanding tool with multiple purposes. It can be used to read and compare VIN (Vehicle Identification Numbers) in vehicles of multiple brands.
The VIN reader is a system which consists of an Abrites Bluetooth device and the Abrites VIN reader application installed on an iOS or Android device.


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Once the VIN reader is connected to a vehicle of interest it gathers a list of the VIN numbers within this vehicle and displays them on your phone screen. When this is done you can easily compare the VIN numbers within the vehicle directly on the screen of your device and you can see if the VIN numbers match each other and the physical VIN number stamped on the vehicle.

From this point on The Abrites VIN reader will run a search though the largest stolen vehicle databases and will immediately provide you with a report of the comparison against the databases.

The Abrites VIN reader has a vast variety of applications. For example, it can be used by law enforcement agencies from around the world to provide assistance in special operations and regular vehicle checks in case the officer of the law suspects that there is some tampering with a vehicle in which they are interested.

Another great application for the VIN reader is in the regular vehicle inspection centers around the world. More and more regulatory agencies require the full VIN number report
from the vehicle during the regular safety inspections such as MOT, TÜV and others.