TMPro Software module 103 – Texas Crypto new chip 

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TMPro Software module 103 – Texas Crypto new chip 

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Software module 103 – Texas Crypto new chip
This module can prepare Texas Crypto or Silca 4D-60 – JMA TP06/TP19 transponders, so they become ready to be matched with particular car using diagnostic device and PIN code.
You can prepare Texas Crypto chip to 27 different types:
Mitsubishi 4D-61, Subaru 4D-62 40-bits, Subaru 6D-62 80-bits, Ford/Mazda 4D-63, Suzuki 4D-65, Suzuki 4D-66, Suzuki bike, Yamaha bike, Kawasaki bike master key, Kawasaki bike slave key, Hyundai master key, Toyota 4D with password 32, 52, 92, B2, 33, 53, 93, B3, 34, 54, 94, B4, D4 and Lexus 4D with password 30, 50 and B0
IMPORTANT NOTE: Conversion from 4D-60 to Ford/Mazda 4D-63 is possible ONLY if last byte of serial number of transponder is 01.If you can`t find such transponders, you can use software 157.


Ordering this software module requires you have TMPro Base hardware from before if you do not have this you need to order this also , you can find it here.