MultiEcuScan test software for Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia & Chrysler (FCA) full license Original Danish version

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Super Diagnostic program for Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia + Chrysler in English Used with blah OBDlink, Elm327, ElmScan 327, as well as VagCom KKL interface. Or best of all CTC Multiplex interface Here.

License is sent to you by email within minutes from the time we have your order.


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New In latest sw version with online updates !

Fiat and Alfa Multi ECU Scan FULL version license now also in ENGLISH translated for you by
A professional diagnostic system for Fiat and Alfa Romeo at a good price
Used for, among other things,
Reading of faults, as well as the positioning of these which also turn off any lit ABS Airbag and Motor Lamps.
Reading live data from e.g. wheel sensors as well as engine sensors such as lambda probe and air mass meters, as well as km stand which is hidden in e.g. engine control.
Output test turns on and off motors pumps ignition coils etc.
Graphical display of live data
as e.g. possibility of 0 position of learned values
Service Interval Reset

The program is used with elmscan 327 or OBDlink for the newer models from about 2004 onwards
Setting up ElmScan / Elm327 for MultiEcuScan from you can find here at where the support forum.
For models before 2004, this interface is recommended.

This license provides access to all features of the program without any restrictions including support for the latest models using CANBUS and Service indicator reset as well as Free Updates

Here you can watch live video of the prgram used on an Alfa 159

Click here to see the supported models (more are added continuously)

Upon purchase, you will receive an email within 24 hours with a code and instructions which allows you to download and generate 1 pc license
The license can be unlocked and moved to another PC should this be necessary.

When purchasing this item, you get:
Full-version MultiEcuScan in English
1 year updates
Ability to move license to other PC
Access to the Nic-Tec support forum


Note when using the ElmScan 327 together with fiat grande punto and Fiat 500 must be used a Crossover cable as Fiat on these models for unknown reasons has swapped the normal locations of the CANBUS wires.
You can easily make this crossover cord with these 2 connectors
Connects as follows:


From Interface —————— to Car


leg leg
4——————————————- 4
5——————————————- 5
6——————————————- 1
14—————————————– 9
16—————————————– 16

Please do not mess with Cross over cables we recommend using MultiEcuscan via where professional multiplex cable instead see more here.